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While doing the story about Ernie Sands (Drama Over Cologne) and him being shot down over Germany, I was able to contact MC Miller and get his side of the story.


     MC Miller (Milard C Miller) was picked to be Pilotage Navigator with the Klusmeyer crew on Oct 14, 1944.  Target was the marshalling yards at Cologne.  MC was the second navigator because the Klusmeyer plane was flying deputy lead and needed another navigator.  As it turned out the lead plane had to turn back due to mechanical difficulty so the Klusmeyer plane had to take the lead and Ernie Sands reluctantly became lead bombardier. Continue reading

Our Mission Isn’t Over Yet

Lt. Del Skjod was pilot of a B-17G, 600 Sqd. of the 398th Bomb Group.
During the summer of 1944, on a mission to a target deep into Germany, they had just finished the bomb run through a heavy field of flak when shrapnel took out the main crew oxygen supply.  Continue reading