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Forgotten North Dakota Hero

North Dakota Rancher,Cowboy Poet and Author, Rodney Nelson, had an uncle named Orin Olson (his mothers brother).  Rodney never knew this uncle as he was killed in action during World War II in 1944 and Rod wasn’t born tell several years later.  Orin Olson was raised on a farm near New Rockford ND, was married and had a daughter that was born while he was overseas, he never got to see his little girl. Continue reading

Noble Peterson Story byJeri Lynn Bakken for the Lemmon South Dakota Leader – March 19, 2002

Written by Jeri Lynn Bakken for the Lemmon South Dakota Leader – March 19,2002


     Noble Peterson grew up near New England, North Dakota and attended Dickinson State College.
     In 1936 Noble and a friend were working on a ranch in Montana when they road to Spokane, WA behind the coal car of a passenger train. Continue reading

North Dakota League of Cities, CITY SCAN, by Cathryn Spryncznatyk, November 2004

Remembering our nation’s veterans isn’t something that just happens on
Veteran’s Day for Scott Nelson.  It is something the farmer/rancher from
Solen does continually through his paintings and depictions of WWII.
For Nelson the inspiration came from a desire to paint a North Dakota
flyer and a realization about North Dakota’s aging veteran population.
“I was always kind of interested in WWII aircraft,” Nelson said.  “About 5
years ago I realized that these veterans were getting older and the
stories were going to be gone.” Continue reading