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Scott Nelson is a small farmer/rancher, living just a few miles north of the Cannonball river and Standing Rock Indian Reservation in south west North Dakota. He lives on the farm homesteaded by his Grandfather in 1908. IM000166.JPG
Scott is a self taught artist, he started drawing as a small child as soon as he learned to hold a pencil. Scott works with pen and ink, water color, acrylic wash, and oils. His subjects are mostly western, contemporary and Historical. Scott has illustrated several books and has been published in a number of magazines. He has contributed artwork to the North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame Chronicle.
Several years ago, out of a deep respect for the World War Two Generation and a lifelong interest in W W II aircraft, Scott started interviewing veteran aviators and illustrating their stories on canvas. As of the spring of 07 Scott has completed 13 large oil paintings and a number of smaller water colors. The paintings are all based on real events occurring during the war. The veterans inspect the finished painting and suggest if there needs to be any changes. When the painting meets to their satisfaction, they sign the painting to authenticate it.  These paintings have been donated to the Dakota Territory Air Museum in Minot ND, where they can be seen on display.  www.dakotaterritoryairmuseum.com
For the past several years, several of these original paintings were on display in conjunction with the North Dakota WW II Exibit at the Heritage Center, ND Capital Grounds, Bismarck ND.
Of the thirteen oil paintings, 6 have been made into limited edition prints, 350 signed and numbered, 50 artists proofs with remarqes. The veterans have graciously signed most of their respective prints.

5 thoughts on “About the Artist

  1. Bill Sage

    My Uncle Bill Clark was the tail gunner on the Dakota Demon. He shot down two German airplane and was presented the Distinguished Flying Cross. On the day of the King and Queen’s visit to the Dakota Demon, Frank Capra was filming the Mephis Bell Story. My Uncle Bill talked to the Queen and is in The Memphis Bell Story movie talking to the Queen. Are their any prints of Demon for purchase. We have original photos of the Dakota Demon and her crew.

  2. Sare

    I came across this website which has begun to lead me on an exploration for more information. My grandfather, Floyd Slipp, was the pilot of the Axis Grinder and my family and I are looking for Jim Buzick’s book, A Story of Three Years. I keep trying to google it and I am unable to find it. If anyone can help I would appreciate it.

  3. Susan Lang

    Dear Scott,
    Are you the artist who painted six works for the WWII Memorial at Giessenlanden, Netherlands? My husband and I visited there last October after reading about your work in the July 15 ND Living Magazine. Most impressive paintings!

    Susan Lang
    Larimore ND

  4. Mark Danielson

    I just ran across your sketch about Raymond G. Wicklander, who I knew as Uncle Ray, my late wife’s uncle. He was a kind and gentle man when I knew him, retired from the buffalo ranch that his son took over. Their animals were used for the movie Dances With Wolves. Ray had a notched ear, and he told me that it was from a pistol shot that a Japanese pilot had aimed at him over the Leyte Gulf. You’ve provided a lot of details about him and his service that I didn’t know. He died in 2019, and he is missed.


    My uncle was Elmer Fenzau. It was so interesting reading this article. He unfortunately died in 1971, but his wife just celebrated her 100th birthday.


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